Launch the world’s first XFund in 30 days

"We are X Fund" is the world’s first peer-to-peer microfund for crisis regions designed for rapid response where time matters. It’s funded by people like you.

We give NGOs and volunteers at the frontlines access to the financial resources they need to deal with unexpected emergencies.

Discover the real story

Experience the real stories behind the #HumanSideoftheCoin.

We work where immediate responsiveness matters. We cut time and red tape to impact, and are the first peer-led microfund to time our impact by how quickly we can respond to the community -- in hours, or less, with complete transparency every step of the way.

  • Forbes 30 under 30 cover showing some of those featured sitting together

    xfund in Forbes

    Forbes is joining us in celebrating the launch of the XFund at the World Economic Forum

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  • Image of Paula Schwartz taken on a boat

    Invest with more than money

    500 Startups shares a new look at investing with the XFund’s Paula Schwarz

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    News from the Davos Launch!

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